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Tenor Sax US has been updated with Video Clips from Greg Vail's Saxophone Video Library and You Tube Favorites! I hope you are enjoying your visit here at Tenor Saxophone US! Look around the site - Pics, Video, Sound Clips, History, basic lessons and more... All Tenor Sax -- All the time! Tenor Saxophone US

Are you looking for Alto Saxophone Video? Coming SOON. For now - Greg Vail's You Tube Channel - > All Greg Vail Video is posted here. ALTO SAX Sound Clips / Sample Audio? Alto Saxophone Samples are available at Alto Sax dot US. Tenor Saxophone Audio Examples

Tenor Sax Video Samples

Here are some Tenor Saxophone Solo Samples / Examples in Video format, covering a variety of styles. Each clip has a brief description explaining what style and role the Tenor Sax played in that particular Video. I hope you enjoy the Tenor Sax Video below! Thanks for watching.

Tenor Sax - Live Jam Video

Greg Vail playing the Tenor Saxophone at a live show for the 2004 Birthday Bash at KSBR's big concert held every year over Memorial Day Weekend. Link to more information at KSBR. This is a giant jam session with Smooth Jazz Artists taking turns, leading a pick up band of other Smooth Jazz Artists that are there for the event. It is all very impromto and very fun working with guys that I have known for years now.

Tenor Sax - Pop Saxophone Video

The next 2 clips are from the same KSBR show, held in 2007, and are the solo section and outro of a classic David Pack song - You're the Biggest Part of Me. (David was the lead singer in Ambrosia back in the day!) They are short clips because in pop music, the sax solos are usually pretty short in comparison to jazz solos.

Tenor Sax - Smooth Jazz Sax Video

This Video Clip is from the KSBR BASH in 2007. The leader for this jam was Guitarist Peter White and the clip features a Pop Sax Solo on one of Peter White's CDs. Again, this is a pop solo and pretty short, as is typical of pop music for the saxophone.

Tenor Sax - Live DVD Video

This next Tenor Sax Video is from a great live DVD with Charles Billingsley, recorded live at Shadow Mountain Church in San Diego. This Video features the Tenor Saxophone jamming around the band and choir with fills and blowing over the top at the end. There was no solo section on this track, just the Tenor Sax working around the music, finding a little space and having some fun!

Tenor Saxophone Latin Jazz Video - Live Jazz Club

This Video Clip comes from a live gig at a jazz club in Southern California, Steamers. When Sunny Gets Blue is performed as an up tempo Latin Jazz piece with a great Jazz Combo - Rob Whitlock Piano, David Lefray Bass and Bubba Bryant Drums. Greg Vail is on Tenor Saxophone and the video includes the opening head and solo section of the tenor sax.

Tenor Sax Video - Equinox - Live Jazz Club

This Jazz standard Sax Video Clip was recorded at Steamers, a jazz club in Fullerton, CA. The Greg Vail Band was playing; featured is the Tenor Saxophone head on Equinox and solo, then cuts about half way thru the piano solo by Rob Whitlock to the end of the bass solo for time, finishing up with the Tenor playing the head and out....

Tenor Sax Video - Europa - Live Jazz Club

Europa is a Saxophone fans favorite in clubs all over the planet! This was a "Jazz" gig and it was a persistent fan that got us to play it with a little more traditional flavor, but a nice vid clip all the same!

Tenor Sax Video Clip - Put It Where You Want It - Jazz Festival

With Joe Sample on Keyboards - Tony Guerrero Flugelhorn

The Sax Video features Greg Vail's Tenor Sax Solo in a festival jam band setting. Yes, Joe Sample was one of many of the cool guests for the KSBR BASH that year and my friend Tony Guerrero takes over on the Flugelhorn as I finish my solo. You can tell it is a totally unrehearsed thing in even this short clip but is a fun clip to see!

Tenor Sax Video Clip - Takin My Time by Max Bennett - Jazz Festival

With Joe Sample on Keyboards - Tony Guerrero Flugelhorn at the KSBR Birthday BASH

Tenor Sax Video Clip - Sugar - Jazz Club

Another Steamers Jazz Club Video Clip with the Greg Vail Band on a jazz standard - Sugar!

Tenor Sax Video Clip - When You're Smiling - Jazz Club

Tony Guerrero Band live at Steamers with Greg Vail on Tenor Saxophone

Tenor Sax Video Clip - Samba de Orpheus - Jazz Club

Tony Guerrero Band with Greg Vail on Tenor Sax on a Samba classic!

Tenor Sax Video Clip - Certainty of Purpose - Jazz Festival

The Wave Stage at the Taste of Orange County - was a great station and a great event! The first touring Greg Vail Band for Greg's Debut Release - Emotion 1995.

Tenor Sax Video Clip - Just To See Her - Jazz Festival

This clip kinda freaks me out a little because the drummer is no longer with us Brian ZUP :( and the girl singer was soon to be my second wife and soon after second ex-wife - The bass player was in the Tom Hanks Movie 'That Thing You Do' as a Bass Player! He looked just like that in the movie too! Then, my 2 favorite keyboard players in the world were both playing - took me 5 years to get them together again for a gig! Interesting clip and lots and lots of memories.....

Tenor Sax Video Clip - America the Beautiful - Jazz Festival

Heavy time in US history - 9-11 and the first anniversary of that tragic day! The music for this clip was recorded in Riverside CA the year following 9-11. The Rob Mullins Band rose to the occasion and this performance was recorded and released as '9.11, We Remember'. The video I created from Patriotic images I had taken and added some favorite founding father's quotes. Intense passion in the music, vivid images and moving quotes make this a favorite Tenor Sax Video for me!!

More Tenor Sax Videos

Here are a few of my favorites from You Tube - Featuring the Tenor Saxophone!

John Coltrane

Ben Webster

Joshua Redman

John Coltrane

Michael Brecker, David Liebman and Joe Lovano

John Coltrane & Stan Getz

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