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Tenor Saxophone Picture on Tenor Sax US

Virtual Tenor Saxophone

This Tenor Sax actually plays! Designed by Tim Jones at Jones Training, this Saxophone Image is wired for sound.

Click on the B Key to hear a B played. Click on the F Key to hear an F. Press the Octave Key and it will stay ON until you turn it OFF, and will play the notes in the upper register.

Virtual Sax will play the main buttons on the Tenor: B, A, G for the left hand (top of the tenor) and F, E, D for the right hand bottom of the tenor). Since these notes are on the main body of the Sax, they are a good starting place for learning to blow, finger and position the Tenor Sax.

Easy Songs to Play on Virtual Sax right now:
Mary Had A Little Lamb uses the 3 Keys in the Left Hand (top).
B A G A B B B (Pause),
A A A (Pause), B B B (Pause),
B A G A B B B B A A B A G(long) G(long).

The Snake Charmer Song is good for the right hand notes (bottom).
D E F(long) E(long) D(long),
D E F A E F D(long).
Don't forget to find the Octave Key (pointed to by a red line, top left of the sax) and listen to these songs in the Upper Register too.

Tenor Saxophone Lesson 3

Fingering the Tenor Saxophone

My good friend Aaron Santee has a saxophone fingering chart available here to see online. They can be a bit confusing to look at, but the basic idea is this.

The Saxophone is a tube, cone shaped, that has buttons that allow you to play different notes on it. If there were no buttons it would only play the note you hear when everything is closed - a low Bb. All the buttons make it possible to play higher notes than that low Bb. The basic rule is to close things in order, from top to bottom.

Try playing a middle B, one finger down (using your left hand on the top of the sax and thumb resting on the thumb rest, not the Octave Key. Note - Some older Saxes will have a White Button instead of the Gold lever type key seen above the B Key in the Picture. Skip that very top button, Gold or White or whatever. It is for really high notes after you are very good on Sax.) Once you can get a middle B, add your next finger to play the A. Now the left hand is the only one that can look confusing, so let me tell you to skip the little white button that is right under the B key and reach past that to push the A key. Look at the sax picture above and see the B key, a littler white button and then the A key. You have to skip the little one! So, 1 button is B, 2 buttons is A and 3 buttons is G (Adding each time, 1, 1&2, 12&3).

Once you can play these 3 notes on your Tenor, you can play Mary Had A Little Lamb on your Sax! Pretty Cool hungh?

Now add your right hand buttons, first finger, second and then third and you just played low F, low E and low D. You can repeat these fingerings adding the Octave Key with your left thumb and you should be able to get the same six notes out in the upper register too.

Remember to use Virtual Sax to check for the right notes. Even early attempts should sound pretty close, and if fingered right, will sound a lot like Virtual Sax notes.

That's good for now, and I know most of you will just be playing around with Virtual Tenor and not read all this anyways! SO ENJOY THE TOY!

Virtual Tenor Credits

Tenor Saxophone sample notes, recording and file prep - Greg Vail
Tenor Sax Image, My Tenor Sax, PhotoShop image set up - Greg Vail
Flash Programming and integration to make Virtual Tenor work - Tim Jones (Thanks Tim!!)

Tenor Saxophone Lessons

Tenor Sax Lesson 1 - Putting it all together

Tenor Sax Lesson 2 - How to Blow the Tenor Sax

Tenor Sax Lesson 3 - Fingering the Tenor Saxophone (Virtual Tenor to Play!)

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